Friday, September 11, 2020

.NET Core Tools

Starting with .NET Core 2.1 Microsoft introduced the Dotnet Tools platform as a simple way to consume existing (small) .NET Core applications through NuGet. In a way it is quite similar to installing tools through NPM.

You can see the tools you already installed by executing the following command:

Dotnet Tool list –g

This should output the list of global tools:

C:\Users\BaWu>dotnet tool list -g
Package Id         Version          Commands
dotnet-ef          3.0.0            dotnet-ef
dotnet-format      3.3.111304       dotnet-format
dotnet-try         1.0.19553.4      dotnet-try

Question is how can we easily find tools that are out there?

Go to, click on Packages and hit the Filter button to see a list of filter options.

One of the options you have is to filter on .NET Tool Package type. That should do the trick…

More information here: