Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VISUG Session: Caliburn.Micro–Solving real world problems with MVVM

Yesterday I gave a presentation about Caliburn.Micro for the Visual Studio user group in Belgium( We had a full room, the session went well and I received a lot of interesting questions. Thanks everyone for being there!

The presentation is available below. I will upload the sample application and the demos later.


vercruysb said...

Bart, I was one of the attenders yesterday and enjoyed the presentation but would like to ask a question. The samples demonstrated all newed up their viewmodels. How would viewmodels be created in a more complex application, how would you link your domain model with the viewmodels, how would you handle dependencies in your viewmodels, do they interact directly with the domain model?

Bart Wullems said...

I'll upload the sample application tonight. This will probably be a better idea than trying to answer all your questions in the comments.