Thursday, February 10, 2011

VISUG Session: Caliburn.Micro–Solving real world problems with MVVM–Sample application

This Tuesday I gave a presentation about Caliburn.Micro for the Visual Studio user group in Belgium( I already uploaded the presentation, but now I also added the sample application I’ve used. Download it here.

Some interesting parts of the application:

  • The default IoC functionality inside the bootstrapper is replaced by MEF. Check the MefBootstrapper.cs file in the Core folder.
  • Some interesting IResult implementations are also available:
    • BusyResult: Shows/hides a loading indication.
    • ShowScreenResult<T>: Activates a specific screen on the Conductor.
    • QueryResult: Executes a query on the backend and returns the results.
    • CommandResult: Executes a command on the backend.
  • A lightweight CQRS(Command-Query separation) implementation. Check the Model folder.
  • A simple Conductor<T> implementation
  • Convention over configuration
  • And of course all the reasons why Caliburn.Micro is such a great framework:
    • No Code Behind
    • No Event Wireups
    • No Commands
    • No Data Binding
    • No Data Templates
    • No Async Programming

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Tai Huynh said...

Hi, there is an error to download your sample app. Can you reupload the sample ? thank you for your help because it will help me learn Caliburn framework better