Saturday, February 5, 2011

Windows Phone Training kit updated

Microsoft recently updated the Windows Phone Training Kit. This update includes a refresh to almost all the labs and also includes some new ones.

The 2 added labs are:

  • Accessing Windows Phone 7 Devices is a lab that lets you work with the phone’s camera and location services. The Windows Phone 7 is equipped with a Camera and GPS (global positioning system). Developers can leverage these devices to build location-aware applications and take live photos. The lab walks you through the steps required to integrate your applications with the phone’s camera. The goal is to build an application that lets you capture pictures, give them a title, and save them to the application local store. The lab also gives you the option to “fake” locations and, when saving a picture to a local store, associate its latitude-longitude (lat-long) geo-coordinates, and create a view in which you can see the pictures on a map.  (This lab uses the Windows Phone GPS Emulator).
  • Multi-touch Game Development with XNA Framework is a lab that introduces you to multi-touch enabled game development on Windows Phone 7 using XNA Game Studio, the Windows Phone Developer tools and Visual Studio 2010. During the lab, you will build a simple 2D game using XNA Game Studio. Playing the game requires the user to supply multi-touch input; this lab will show you how to support these inputs while making sure that the game reacts to them as the user would expect.

Some other interesting lab updates are the Using Chooser and Launcher lab that now show the entire Chooser and Launchers family (except the marketplace) and the Using Push Notification lab that now  uses the latest Windows Phone Push Notification Library.

You can download the full kit, or just the Silverlight or XNA framework labs. The online training kit was also updated.

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