Monday, February 7, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Emulator: Shortcut keys

While using the Windows Phone 7 emulator, I was really annoyed that I had to use the on screen keyboard to enter some values. Until a colleague of me mentioned that if you push Page Up on your keyboard, you can just start typing. What a shame that I didn’t know this sooner. So for anyone who is using the WP7 emulator, these are some of the most useful shortcut keys available:

  • F1 : Use F1 key on the keyboard instead of back button on the phone
  • F2 : Use the key F2 on the keyboard for the Windows key in the Windows Phone 7
  • Pageup : Enables the keyboard in the emulator when the focus is on the textbox
  • PageDown : Disables the keyboard in the emulator
  • F3 : To open the Bing Search
  • F7 : To Activate the Physical Camera

For the full list of all shortcuts, have a look at the following MSDN page: Keyboard Mapping for Windows Phone Emulator.

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