Thursday, April 26, 2018

Free ebook–Azure Quick Start Guide for .NET Developers

If you are a .NET developer and new to Azure(or didn’t look at it for a long time), I can recommend the following free ebook “Azure Quick Start Guide for .NET Developers”. It will show you how to get started with Azure and which services you can use to run your .NET applications and store your data in a more efficient and secure way.


Chapter overview :

  • Chapter 1: Azure for .NET developers
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started with Azure services
  • Chapter 3: Storing your data in Azure
  • Chapter 4: Securing your .NET applications in Azure
  • Chapter 5: Other Azure services
  • Chapter 6: Tools for developing, debugging and troubleshooting
  • Chapter 7: Summary and how to get started for free
  • Chapter 8: Meet the team

The book is really small and easy digestable. A great way to start your journey to the cloud…

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