Friday, April 13, 2018

Angular Component Libraries–Clarity

I talked before about a range of component libraries for Angular. I want to add another one to the list: Clarity.


It came to my attention after listening to the Adventures in Angular podcast;

4 reasons why I like the Clarity design system:

  • It is backed by a large company(VMWare) with regular updates
  • It is build with accessibility in mind
  • It has the best documentation
  • It has a dark and light theme (don’t ask me why I find this important)

It’s a lot more than just a set of Angular components but consists of:

  • A set of Sketch templates that allows our UX designer to go wild on his Apple
  • A set of UX guidelines to help the non-designers of this world(=me) to still build beautiful looking applications
  • An HTML/CSS framework
  • And yes, also a set of Angular components

Go try it out yourself. You’ll not regret it…

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