Wednesday, April 18, 2018

ElasticSearch - Using exact search

One of the nice features of ElasticSearch is the support for 'stemming’. Stemming brings a word back to its root. For example a search on skis or skiing will both match results with ski. Typically you still want to support search operations on the original word by applying a multi-field approach where you index both the stemmed values and the original value:

But now you need to know if your user is searching for an exact match(e.g. a search for ski should only return results where the original value was ski) or stemmed results.  Fortunately, the query_string and simple_query_string queries have a feature that solve this exact problem: quote_field_suffix. This tell Elasticsearch that the words that appear in between quotes are to be redirected to a different field, see below:

Now if ski is in-between quotes, it issearched on the productName.raw field due to the quote_field_suffix parameter.

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