Thursday, April 6, 2017

TFS 2017 - VS402642: Found a backup job running against Tfs_DefaultCollection database

Last week during a TFS upgrade we noticed that the upgrade for one of the collections failed with the following error message:

VS402642: Found a backup job running against Tfs_DefaultCollection database. Wait for the backup job to complete and then rerun the failed collection job from the Status tab

Before starting the upgrade the sys admins already configured the backup jobs which intervened with the upgrade that was going on.

We were first afraid that we had to restart the whole upgrade procedure but it turns out that the TFS upgrade procedure is a lot more robust. As we were able to upgrade all the other collections and the configuration database, we had a working Team Foundation server system available. Only this one collection was missing.

To fix it, we first disabled all configured jobs inside the SQL Server instance.

Next step is to rerun the upgrade procedure for this collection:

  • Log in on the Team Foundation Server application tier
  • Open the Team Foundation Administration Console
  • Click on the Team Project Collections tree item on the left


  • Click on the collection that has failed to upgrade from the list on the right. The State would normally show as ‘Offline’


  • Go to the Status tab


  • Select the upgrade job from the list(normally the one on top of the list) and click Rerun job.


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