Thursday, April 20, 2017

ASP.NET Core Web Deploy–XML Documentation files are not copied

After deploying our ASP.NET Core application using Web Deploy, we noticed a problem with our Swagger integration through SwashBuckle. Normally SwashBuckle can integrate documentation in your Swagger UI by extracting and reading the XML comments added to your code.

Problem was that when this XML isn’t copied Swashbuckle throws an exception making our whole API unavailable. Some research showed that the problem appeared after migrating from the project.json format back to csproj, after which the <DocumentationFile> was no longer automatically copied to the output folder during the build or publish process.

The solution I used was to add the following snippet to your csproj:


Lee said...

Perfect! Had exactly this issue after upgrading from project.json to the new 2017 csproj.

I just added the PrepublishScript part and it worked a treat. Thanks for posting.

Grant Castner said...

Thank you for the tip - much appreciated