Thursday, April 27, 2017

Angular – Component Libraries

The new Angular(can’t call it Angular 2 anymore) ecosystem is still evolving. Control libraries start to appear.

Here are some of the libraries I had a look at:

(Don’t ask me which one I prefer, as with all control libraries they have their pros and cons you’ll have to learn to live with…)

Angular Material

Material Design components for Angular apps

Remark: The Angular Material library for Angular >=2 is still rather limited. Don’t confuse it with the Angular 1 variant at



Native Angular components & directives for Lightning Design System

Created by the Salesforce’s guys on top of Angular and Salesforce's Lightning Design System.



Covalent( is a UI Platform that combines proven design language with a comprehensive web framework, built on Angular & Angular-Material (Design).



PrimeNG( is a collection of rich UI components for Angular 2. PrimeNG is a sibling of the popular JavaServer Faces Component Suite, PrimeFaces.


Kendo Angular UI

Professional Grade Angular UI Components


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