Thursday, November 29, 2012

Windows 8 Wireframe Templates for PowerPoint

If you don’t have access to the new Storyboarding features in Powerpoint, don’t worry. Andreas Wulf released a free set of Windows 8 Wireframe Templates for Powerpoint.

Using these templates, you can quickly put together a Windows 8 app layout and iterate on it. All elements in the set are based upon regular PowerPoint vector shapes, and are fully editable and customizable.

The wireframing set is available as a .pptx file (for PowerPoint 2007 or newer) that you can download using the link below:

Thanks Andreas!

Some screenshots:

Example grid page
Example grid page displaying item previews arranged in groups.

Example page displaying details
Example page displaying details for a single group with previews for each item in the group.

Example page displaying
Example page displaying one item in detail.

Example page displaying a list
Example page displaying a list of items and the details for the selected item.

Example of a Metro app
Example of a Metro app in snapped view state.

Collection of common UI controls
Collection of common UI controls (part 1): button, text box, list box, check box, radio button, toggle switch, etc.

List view
List view and charms bar.

App header
App header, app bar, and toast.


Andrew said...

Thank You! I re-purposed this for a class presentation instead of as a wireframe.

A little tweaking and voila! Instant awesomeness.

I actually had someone ask if I was using a different program than PowerPoint.

Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

Found some wireframe templates that could be used for presentation when you are creating apps. Those can be edited and used for free as well.