Friday, November 16, 2012

Need help to remember Visual Studio Shortcut Keys: IntelliCommand

For a developer being productive in it’s development environment is of the uppermost importance. One thing to make you more productive is knowing all(or some) keyboard shortcuts. Before I printed out the Visual Studio keybinding posters, but now I found a better alternative:   IntelliCommand.

From the Visual Studio Gallery:

“IntelliCommand - an extension for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 which helps to find the short keys. It shows the help windows with all possible combinations when you press Ctrl or Shift or Alt or their combinations (hold it for about 2 seconds to see this window). Also it shows the list of possible combination when you press first combination of chord shortcut keys, like Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C (this combination comments selected text in editor).”

Intelli Command shows all available shortcut keys for combination of Control + Shift after couple seconds:

Ctrl+K was pressed. Visual Studio waits for second combination:

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