Thursday, May 5, 2011

Integration blog series

Yes, we are living in a connected world. Almost no system does live in isolation. So sooner or later you are confronted with some integration scenario’s. Multiple options are out there and which one should you pick?

Paul Stovell did a very well written blog series about this. Go check it out!

Introducing a simple scenario where two applications need to integrate. Part of a series on integration approaches.

One solution to application integration is for the applications to just share the same RDBMS. Let's explore the pros and cons of this approach.

Another solution to application integration to use extract/transform/load scripts to move data between the databases.

A third solution to our integration scenario is for one application to expose web services. How would that work?

Different integration solutions lead to different levels of coupling. Let's explore that.

For the fourth and final integration option, we explore the use of asynchronous messaging.

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