Monday, May 23, 2011

ALM vNext

Last week at Teched North America, Jason Zanders  announced during the keynote the vision for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in the next version of Visual Studio.

By adding support for testers into Team Foundation Server 2010, TFS becomes more and more a collaboration tool. Microsoft continues on this path by incorporating two additional important roles: stakeholders and operations. There are a number of scenarios that span the next version of Visual Studio for ALM. These scenarios improve the creation, maintenance and support of software solutions by focusing on improving the workflow across the entire team as well as across the entire lifecycle.

  • Agile Planning Tools – create transparency across the planning process and full team participation through solutions like the new backlog and task board.
  • Lightweight Requirements – a natural way to capture and receive feedback on requirements early in the process.
  • Stakeholder Feedback – working code which matches the expectations of stakeholders.
  • Continuous Testing – unit test coverage ensures quality in the final product.
  • Agile Quality Assurance – increased code quality with code review support, enhanced unit testing frameworks and new exploratory testing support.
  • Enhanced User Experience – more time ‘in the zone’, through improved experiences for day-to-day tasks.
  • Aligning Development with Operations – increased connections and insight between the operations and development teams lowering the time it takes to fix a bug in production.

Find Out More

The “Visual Studio vNext: Application Lifecycle Management” whitepaper is available today. This is a comprehensive whitepaper that covers these topics in much more detail.

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