Thursday, January 19, 2017

Visual Studio Test goes Open Source

Microsoft, in its continuous effort to move to the open, has open sourced their Visual Studio Test Platform. This is not MSTest, the testing framework, but the tooling  and engine in Visual Studio that powers test explorer and vstest.console.

The Visual Studio Test architecture has four major components:

  1. Test Runner is the command line entrypoint to test platform (vstest.console).
  2. Test Execution Host is an architecture and framework specific process that actually loads the test container and executes tests.
  3. Data Collector Host process hosts the various test execution data listeners.
  4. IDE/Editor process is used by developer for Edit/Build the application and trigger test runs.

runtime) of the test.

Not all parts are open sourced yet, but the rest will follow…

vstest.console overall architecture

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