Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mini-SPA’s(Single Page Apps)

After building multiple both small and large Single Page Applications I’ve landed on an approach where I typically split out my single Single Page App into multiple smaller SPA’s. Similar to using microservices on the backend this approach offers a lot of benefits.

First of all the initial footprint of your application is a lot smaller. Second working with multiple people on a SPA becomes easier, less change that something is broken after pulling the latest sources from your source control system. You can also avoid some of the issues regarding session expiration, javascript bugs that make your app freeze, memory leaks, etc… that you otherwise need to handle yourself.

However each time I start a new project and I try to explain this approach to someone I get strange looks and people doesn’t understand why you shouldn’t build your SPA as one big monolith?

Last week I stumbled over a blog post by Maurice De Beijer where he explains a similar approach. Now I feel confirmed in my opinion Smile

Are there other people out there who split out their SPA?

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