Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Team Foundation Server 2017–Enable new work item form

The new work item form that was released a year ago as part of one of the VSTS updates has made it to the on-premise Team Foundation Server 2017 product.

However after upgrading to TFS 2017, the new work item form is not yet visible. Only for new collections this new form experience is available by default, for existing collections you explicitly have to enable it.

Here are the steps to enable this

  • Go to the Collection Administration page
  • Click on the Enable the new work item form link


  • Choose an opt-in model for the new work item form
    • If you want to immediatelly activate it, choose “New form only”
    • If you want to allow users to try the new experience, choose “Enable opt-in for all users”. Users will get an ‘Try the new form’ link on their ‘old’ work item form allowing them to test the new functionality


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