Friday, July 29, 2016

Bringing some sanity to MicroServices–Beyond the hype

Microservices, “SOA done right”, are the cool kids of the moment. Everyone wants to know them and sit next to them in the classroom. Everytime I see a customer just trying to copy the Netflix architecture or the Facebook architecture, it makes me cringe. Every architecture should be problem space first and technology/architecture second. Too many times people just start with a cool new architecture and then try to fit it inside their codebase, project and IT landscape.  The new golden hammer makes everything look a nail…


So reading the blog posts of Christian Posta about Microservices was a relief for me. Finally some sanity in this crazy world. If you think that microservices fit your problem domain and you want to get some real insights, I recommend reading his blog series:

I hope that more posts will follow!

Although I’m not a Java developer, I even ordered his book, Microservices for Java developers Smile


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