Friday, June 12, 2015

Specflow and Xamarin

I’m a big fan of BDD and SpecFlow in particular. Last month I did a session about Specflow for my colleagues in the Netherlands. One of the questions I got during the presentation was if it was possible to use Specflow together with Xamarin. My short answer was “yes”. I promised to write a follow-up post explaining all the details.

When I started writing this post, I stumbled over Rob Gibbens ‘BDD Tests with Xamarin.UITest and SpecFlow’ post where he explained everything much better than I could do myself. He even included some sample code.


Thanks to Rob, I don’t have to write this post anymore and start my weekend a little bit sooner. Great! Glimlach

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ben levy said...

I just put out a nuget library that allows using specflow with xamarin.forms, allowing viewmodel testing and navigation tracking, while running on console, so pretty ideal for CI, and necessary for good BDD practices.

The nuget is here : , and step by step instructions are available here: