Thursday, June 25, 2015

ReactiveUI - The base class or interface 'Splat.IEnableLogger' could not be resolved

I’m building an application where I’m experimenting with ReactiveUI, an MVVM framework built on top of the Reactive Extensions. It’s the perfect fit if your application has a lot of interactivity and data that changes a lot.


When I started using it, after installing the “reactiveui” nuget package, it immediately failed with the following error message:

The base class or interface 'Splat.IEnableLogger' in assembly 'Splat, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' referenced by type 'ReactiveUI.IReactiveObject' could not be resolved.

It is an annoying issue in the NuGet package where ReactiveUI.Core has a dependency on a Splat version >= 1.0. according to the package configuration.


The problem is that the  latest version of Reactive UI couldn’t work with older Splat versions. After updating Splat to the latest version, the issue was solved. I hope the creator of the NuGet package fixes this, as this is really annoying for everyone that wants to start using ReactiveUI.