Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Architects’s dream, Developer’s nightmare

Great article by Martin Fowler on Dr.Dobb’s about Errant Architectures.

As a (lead) developer/tech lead/application architect this probably happened to you before: you start on a new project and the first day you arrive, the (enterprise) architect shows you proudly his nice architecture; you know; this thing with all the arrows and boxes.

You hear the architect explaining; “…And every box runs on its own server…” “…bla bla bla…” “…And performance is critical…”.

Now without hearing any other part of the conversation, you know you are in trouble. Especially if some micro services flavor is added to the mix. This is a recipe for disaster. The architect forgot the First Law of Distributed Object Design: Don’t distribute your objects!

But how you are going to tell this to the architect, especially on your first day on the job?

The answer is simple, forward the link about this article to your architect.  Glimlach


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