Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Enterprise Library 6 and Unity 3 Hands-on Labs available

A few months after the release of Enterprise Library 6 and Unity 3, Microsoft finally released a set of Hands-on Labs.

The comprehensive labs were created by developers for developers. They will be useful both to those who are new to Enterprise Library and those who are experienced with previous versions of Enterprise Library and would like to learn the new application blocks.

The labs will guide you through common scenarios of using EntLib and Unity in various application contexts, including advanced ones. They should help reduce errors and promote faster skill acquisition.

The labs may also be of value to trainers and academics, since they can be used as teaching aids in the classes devoted to Enterprise Library specifically or in courses on Component-Based Software Engineering, Code Re-use, Enterprise Application Development, or Aspect-Oriented Programming.

Go download them here:

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