Monday, February 25, 2013

TFS Administrators Toolkit

Last week, when listening to DotNetRocks, I heard about the TFS Administrators Toolkit.

TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS2012

TFS Administrators toolkit is a set of tools primarily focused on easing the burdon of tfs admins

Features and benefits

  • Subscriptions
    List and filter existing subscriptions - server wide, Unsubscribe existing subscriptions.
  • Find In Files
    Search for text or regexp in files (and all file versions) in source control. For more info please refer to
  • Test Attachment Sizes
    List test attachment size per team project, what kind and extensions, Clean projects directly from the UI by calling Test Attachment Cleaner.
    For more info please refer to
  • Update reports
    Push new reports from a template to selected team project.
  • Update Work Item Types
    Push work item type definitions to multiple team projects
  • Source control folder size
    Get a feeling for team projects size in source control
  • Search for large files in source control
    Search on size for Source control items

Download it here. Or have a look at the source code at

I especially like the fact that you can search for files in Source Control, a very useful feature!

Go try it out yourself…

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