Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Both Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server get GIT support

Last week at the ALM Summit Brian Harry did some exciting announcements: .

  1. Team Foundation Server will host Git repositories – and more concretely, Team Foundation Service has support for hosting Git repositories starting today.
  2. Visual Studio will have Git support – and concretely, Microsoft released a CTP of a VSIX plugin for the Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 CTP today.
  • You can get a good overview of how to get started (including all the download links) by reading this tutorial.
  • Watch this video for a 10 minute walk-through.
  • Also you can read the news and the Learn content on the Team Foundation Service welcome portal.
  • And don’t forget to have a look at Scott Hanselman’s opinion about it.

    I think this is really great news, Microsoft not only decides to support Distributed Version Control Systems(DVCS) but also  choose to integrate with the most popular DVCS Git(and all available services built on top of it).

    Most important question of course is when will this ship?

    “This” has many piece so let’s talk about each one in turn:

    • Team Foundation Service – As of today you can host Git repos in TFService projects. It is “shipping” now and ready for use.
    • Team Foundation Server – The plan is to include Git support in the next major release of TFS. No date has yet been announced.
    • Visual Studio 2012 support – A VSIX is provided today. It is a “community technology preview” of the Git VSIX on top of a “community technology preview” of VS 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2).
    • Visual Studio V.Next – The Git plugin will be integrated into all editions of Visual Studio V.Next (including Express) and will appear in the various pre-releases and RTM.


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