Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TFS 2012 Web Access: Export Work Item query results to Excel

After upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2012, I got the following question from one of our PM’s:

“In TFS 2010 Web Access I could export my work items to excel. How could I do the same thing in TFS 2012 Web Access?”

Unfortunately there is no direct way of doing this. I know only two possible alternatives/workarounds:

  1. Install Team Explorer 2012. This will give use an extra Team tab in Excel and makes it possible to import the work items directly.
  2. Use the good old copy/paste trick:
    1. Select the work items you want to export from a query result
    2. Press Ctrl+C or open up the popup menu by clicking the down arrow icon on the left of one of the selected work items and click copy (at the bottom)
    3. Press Ctrl+C
    4. Paste to Excel

Anyone with a better alternative?


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