Thursday, September 13, 2012

TFS 2012: Some features of Team Web Access are not visible to you.

After upgrading our TFS environment to Team Foundation Server 2012, the first time we logged on  in to TFS Web Access, we got the following message “Some features of Team Web Access are not visible to you”.

This is caused by the licensing model used for Team Web Access. You have 3 possible license levels:

  • Limited:
    • This level of access restricts the user so that they can only view work items that they create in Team Web Access (also known as Work Item Only View). No other features, such as team pages, are available to users in this group.
    • No client access license (CAL) is required for this level of Team Web Access.
  • Standard:
    • This is the default level of access in Team Web Access for your users. Members of this group can view all Team Web Access features except for:
      • sprint planning and backlog views
      • any of the features for requesting feedback from users and managing that feedback
    • A Team Foundation Server (TFS) CAL is required for all users with this level.
  • Full:
    • This level is reserved for users who are licensed to use all features available in Team Web Access, including the sprint planning and backlog management tools and the Request and Manage Feedback tools.
    • To use these features, your user must be licensed for one of the following MSDN subscriptions: Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, or Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN. These MSDN subscriptions each include a TFS CAL for the subscriber.

To add users to the correct group first click “Administer Server”. Then click “Control Panel”, “Web Access” and “Limited”, “Full” or “Standard” depending on the group you want to add your users/AD-groups to.

You can also change the default licensing mode used if you want to.


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