Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TFS Integration Tools – March 2012 Release

Last month Microsoft  released a new version of the TFS Integration Tools on the Visual Studio Gallery.(with support for both Team Foundation Server 11 and Team Foundation Service.)

“The TFS Integration Tools is a project developed by the Team Foundation Server (TFS) product group and the Visual Studio ALM Rangers to integrate Team Foundation Server with third party systems for migration and synchronization of data.”

The list of fixed bugs is long(I recognize too much of them Winking smile):

  • TFS authorization error syncing with a hosted TFS
  • When in multi session mode, integration tools appear to have a memory leak in TfsIntegrationService.exe
Version Control
  • ClearCaseDetailedHistoryAdapter with the SnapshotStartPoint option create folders in TFS for files in ClearCase
  • Cloaked filter pairs should always be applied after non-cloaked filter pairs or a migration to TFS VC will fail
  • Detail History Adapter runs the lshistory command one level higher in the tree than specified by the filter pair causing problems
  • Infinite loop when migrating a changeset that contains a cyclic rename
  • lshistory command fails when there is a space in the ClearCase filter pair path
  • Merge+Branch operations in sync resulted in VC data corruption
  • Moving some files under a deleted folder causes the files to not be deleted on the other side
  • Resolving VC namespace conflicts results in System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
  • TFS VC Adapters throw NullReferenceException in ProcessChangeGroup() after initialization of MigrationProvider fails
  • VC Conflict Detection does not compare all of the possibly conflicting change groups after an error prevents the sync from reaching a sync point
  • VC Migration/Sync: A runtime error occurs rather than a named conflict for all Exceptions thrown when checking into TFS
  • VC named conflicts should stop the VC session until the conflicts are resolved (and not just stop the current round trip)
  • Adapter doesn't deal with the DB2 date format returned by some ClearQuest 2003 APIs
  • CheckBypassRulesPermission always throws conflict when using a Hosted TFS service in a WIT session
  • ClearQuest items don't migrate from ClearQuest servers that are not configured to use UTC times
  • ClearQuestMigrationConfigGenerator.exe fails to start on 64bit - should be removed from release
  • Conflict types TFSCyclicLinkConflictType and TFSMulitpleParentLinkConflictType should both support skip resolution actions
  • CQ UserMappings that ships with TFS should work on out-of-the-box 2-way sync
  • ServerDiff Wit command does not work when the ClearQuest credentials are stored in the Windows credentials cache
  • TFS11->TFS11 AddWorkItemTest fails because WIT Server Diff says System.ChangedDate is different
  • WIT field mapping: Using multiple mapped values with "@@MISSINGFIELD@@" fails the configuration validation - it should be allowed
Internal Dogfooding
  • Dogfood Sync (VC): conflict detection is skipped in certain scenario causing content mismatch
  • Dogfood Sync (VC): VC sync blocked by transient TFS condition (bad gateway) that can generate a named conflict that must be resolved to continue
  • Dogfood Sync (WIT): After resolving a WIT Edit/Edit conflict newer revs of the accepted work item will be migrated before the conflict work item rev is migrated
  • Dogfood Sync (WIT): Basic conflict detection phase is extremely slow on Dogfood WIT sync
  • Dogfood Sync (WIT): Runtime error blocking WIT sync
  • Dogfood Sync (WIT): Work items changes backlogged on a conflict that occurred when migrating the mirrored work item are not unblocked when the conflict is resolved
  • Dogfood Sync: The Tfs2012ShellAdapter UI doesn't work correctly for configuration or conflict resolution
  • Dogfood: WITServerDiff command does not compare links properly and reports other expected differences
  • Dogfood: WITServerDiffJob should support the "ServerDiff WIT" command line options as configurable settings
  • Dogfood: WITServerDiffJob takes OutOfMemoryException

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