Monday, April 2, 2012

Check-in policies in Team Explorer Everywhere

At a customer both the .NET and Java developers are using Team Foundation Server for Source Control, Work Item management, … To optimize the development process and enforce some quality checks, we use the available check-in policies. This forces the developers to check that their code compiles, the code analysis results are successful, a work item is selected, and so on…

We enable these check-in policies immediately after creating a new Team Project. So we were a little bit surprised when the Java developers came to us telling that the check-in policies were not applied when working inside RAD or Eclipse.

First we thought it was a bug in the Team Explorer Everywhere plugin. But in the end we discovered that the policies that you set in team explorer visual studio are not applied in the plugin of Eclipse.

See comment below from MS:

“Policies that you define by using Team Web Access or Team Explorer in Visual Studio are not applied when you check in by using the Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse or the Cross-platform Command-Line Client for Team Foundation Server.”

So this means that by setting up the Java projects in Eclipse (RAD, Spring, …) you must also set up the policies there and not only in the Visual Studio Team Explorer.

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