Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TFS 11 Power Tools beta

Microsoft shipped a beta version of the Team Foundation Server Power Tools that work with VS 11 and are optimized to work with TFS 11.

This Power Tools release is designed to work with a VS 11 client (or Team Explorer 11) but you won’t get the VS integration in a VS 2010 or earlier client.

This beta gives you the most useful Power Tools up and running with VS 11/TFS 11. Some of the features of the previous Power Tools are removed because they have  been integrated into the product and At the moment no new features are added instead.

The features included in this release are:

  1. TFS Power Tools
    1. TFPT Command Line
    2. The Team Explorer extensions – All are included except work item templates.
    3. Windows Shell Extension – It’s been enhanced to support local workspaces meaning no more read-only files and need to checkout, better offline support and everything else that comes with local workspaces.
    4. Process Template Editor – We’ve added support for all of the new process features in TFS 11, however some of the implementation is place holder – for instance, editing the agile project management configuration involves editing XML.
    5. Best Practices Analyzer
    6. Test Attachment Cleaner
    7. TFS Powershell commands
  2. Build Extensions
  3. MSSCCI (32-bit) & MSSCCI (64-Bit)

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