Thursday, April 26, 2012

Configuring the Scrum for Team System template correctly

I really like the Scrum for Team System template for Team Foundation Server. The only problem is that it’s kind of hard to configure correctly. Only of all parameters are set correctly, the template will work and the correct reports are generated.
To simplify my job as an TFS administrator, I customized the template a bit to get a head start. When you install this customized version, the correct iteration tree is created, some work items are added and the relationship between these work items is set. So no longer complaints by users who can not get this template working, and more time for me to do some useful stuff.
Until a developer(yes, I’m talking about you Dennis) decides immediately after the Team Project was created to remove all this preconfigured parts. Back to ‘No data available’ in all reports…
So just as a reminder to myself, what are the steps you need to take to configure the template correctly:
This is the expected iteration tree(Release -> Work Stream -> Sprint -> Team Sprint):
Planning Scope
Create the following work items and set the iteration path accordingly:
  • Release: Project\Release
  • Sprint: Project\Release\Work Stream\Sprint
  • Team Sprint: Project\Release\Work Stream\Sprint\Team Sprint
  • Sprint Backlog Items:Project\Release\Work Stream\Sprint\Team Sprint
Create the following links between these work items:
  • Release (implemented by ->) Sprint (implemented by ->) Team Sprint
More information here:

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