Friday, September 2, 2011

TFS: Setting a default value for an iteration

Last week I was trying to change the work item type definition so it will set a default value in the iteration path.  But when I tried importing it back with the TFS Power Tools, I always got the following error:

Error importing work item type definition:

TF26062:Rule '<DEFAULT from ="value" value="283" />' is not supported for the field 'System.IterationId'.

It seems like it is not possible to set a default value for the area or iteration path. In the end I solved this by creating a Work Item Template(part of the TFS Power Tools) with a default value for Iteration Path. I really like this approach because I can change the value in the template when a new sprint starts.


More about Work Item Templates and their usage:


Anonymous said...

How do you reference the field in your work item to copy the default value. Seems like you have only provided part of the solution here.

Bart Wullems said...

Hi, I don't copy the default value from somewhere else. I still have to update this value each time we move to the next sprint.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide the XML solution for setting the default value?