Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JScript Editor Extensions for Visual Studio

While browsing through some Channel 9 videos, I discovered the following session:

Damian Edwards, a member of the ASP.NET team at Microsoft talks in this episode about the JScript Editor Extensions(Microsoft calls it JScript because Oracle owns the rights on the name JavaScript) and about what can be expected in Visual Studio vNext.

This JScript Editor Extensions bundles the following functionality:

  • Brace Matching

Adds support for automatically highlighting the matching opening or closing brace to the one currently at the cursor. Supports matching parenthesis: (), square brackets: [], and curly braces: {}. Braces in strings, comments and regular expression literals are ignored.

  • Outlining / Cold-folding

Adds support for automatically creating outlining regions for JScript blocks. Blocks are detected via opening and closing curly braces. Braces in strings, comments and regular expression literals are ignored.

  • Current Word Highlighting

Adds support for highlighting all instances of the word currently at the cursor.

  • IntelliSense Doc-Comments <para> Support

Adds support for the <para> element in JScript IntelliSense doc-comments to allow display of new lines in IntelliSense tooltips, e.g.

function hello(name) {
/// <summary>A great function
/// < para>Some info on a new line</para>
/// </summary>
/// <param name="name" type="String">The name to say hello to</param>
return "hello " + name;

Download the extension here:

And if you want to know more about the improvements in the Visual Studio 11 JavaScript editor:

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