Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TFS 2010: Cleaning test attachments

After we started to use the Visual Studio Test Professional for managing and executing our test scenario’s, I noticed that our TFS databases grew a lot faster in size.

This is not completely unexpected as you know the large amount of data you can capture while running your tests:

  • Video’s
  • Screenshots
  • Intellitrace files
  • System information
  • Event Log data
  • Test Impact data

I was looking for some possible solutions when I noticed that Microsoft already released a Visual Studio Power tool that tackles this problem.

With the Test Attachment Cleaner TFS administrators can

1. Determine which set of diagnostic captures is taking up how much space AND

2. Reclaim the space for runs which are no longer relevant from business perspective.

Usage is simple through the command line. This makes it easy to add this as a scheduled tasks on your TFS server. Some sample scenario’s are also included in the download package.

More information about the Test Attachment Cleaner on Grant Holliday’s blog.

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