Sunday, March 13, 2011

Team Foundation Power Tools March 2011 Release

Microsoft released an update to the Team Foundation Server Power Tools. You can download them here:

Backup/Restore Power Tool

The backup/restore Power Tool was already available in the last Power Tools release but due to a large amount of bugs it was not usable. In this release Microsoft fixed about every bug that was reported. 

Windows Shell Extension

Microsoft knows that not everyone is using source control from within Visual Studio. The shell extension allows you to manage your source controlled file right within your folder windows. In this release a lot of new commands were added to the context menu:

  • Workspace
  • History
  • Compare
  • Shelve/Unshelve

Here’s a screen shot showing the new commands:


TFS  Build Power Tools

This Power Tools release includes a new builddefinition command to the tfpt command line Power Tool that allows you to easily script some build management commands.  clip_image002

    For more information, consult Brian Harry’s blog.

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