Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enable Search indexing on your TFS Sharepoint Team Site

A few weeks ago, one of my customers sent me the following screenshot mentioning that they couldn’t search for information on their Team Foundation Server Sharepoint site.


In order for search to work you do need to assign search to an indexer. This typically means specifying the server name where the indexing service is running. If you have a single-server installation then that single server of course.

  • Open the Sharepoint Central Administration website.
  • Go to Operations
    • Click on Services on Server under Topology and Services
    • Click on Start next to the Windows Sharepoint Services Search
      • Enter a Service Account
      • Enter a Content Access Account
      • Leave the default Search Database selected(or select a new one)
      • Configure the indexing Schedule
      • Click Start
  • Go to Application Management
    • Click on Content databases under Web Application Management
    • Click on the Content database
      • Select the server under Search Server
      • Click OK to apply the changes

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