Saturday, May 1, 2010

Searching through source code in TFS

Although all source code is stored in a SQL Server database, there is no tooling out of the box to search through all this code. So in search for some tooling to find specific information in our TFS source repository, I stumbled on this tool:

TfsSearchCode search a string across text files under Team Foundation Server Version Control.
Enter a string to Search, the node of the three and search under like pattern of file names on search.
It's developed under VB.NET language and Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5

The tool is rather buggy but if the amount of source code is limited, it seems to do it’s job. As I was not satisfied with this solution I continued my search. After another hour of googling I found out that using a search index tool(Lucene, Sharepoint Search,…) was the best option.

As SharePoint doesn’t have an intrinsic protocol handler readily available for TFS you have to resort to using SharePoint’s file share mechanism to index the source code. While not ideal it does you to get up and running.

I found this article detailing the steps  used to configure search and SharePoint against the TFS source code repository UNC file share.

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Unfortunatly the link doesn't work :( Could you provide the "new" link?