Saturday, May 8, 2010

Office 2003 does not work with Team Explorer 2010

After installing Team Explorer 2010 the TFS Office Add-In is no longer working because TFS requires Office 2007 or newer. Your company is not rolling to Office 2010 for another six months, what do you do?

Luckily there is ‘hacky’ workaround to get the 2008 TFS Office Add-Ins back up and running with Excel 2003. John Nierenberg created a post describing the steps to get there.

Notice that the functionality is rather limited when using the 2008 Office Integration to connect to Team Foundation Server 2010:

  • Excel with the 2008 Add-In only has the ability to import flat queries and not tree queries.
  • Project with the 2008 Add-In will not round trip the hierarchy or dependency link types.
  • If you do a repair or update to Team Explorer, you may have to go through these steps again as the installer will default to newest version of the TFS Office Add-Ins.

There are currently no plans to re-enable the support for Office 2003.

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