Saturday, November 14, 2009

The right tool for the right job: Specification gathering

As an architect and developer, I'm always looking for better ways to communicate with the business. Discussing specifications can be a challenging duty, especially if you end up with hundreds of pages with use cases, user stories and so on. It made me wonder if text is always the best medium to capture spec's.

How do I think about it today? As a rules of thumb I think that things that don't get communicated well in text shouldn't be forced into a text medium. Therefore I'm advocating alternatives like whiteboard designs, mockups,... Why writing a 10 page summary describing all the fields on a screen if one image can get you to the same conclusions? After all, it's all about using the right medium in the right context.

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eli said...

For a customer the app s/he ordered is like the new game you just bought: you don't want to read the manual first! (give them something to start playing with instead - you'll hear soon enough what should be improved)