Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Installing TFS 2010 Build Server

Some things I noticed when installing the TFS 2010 Build environment for my company

First of all your existing TFS 2008 build agents will not work with a TFS 2010 server. You’ll need to install the TFS 2010 build service. It’s included in the same setup as the TFS application tier and you should set it up on a dedicated build machine. But you don’t need an extra build server, you can install the TFS 2010 Build Service on your existing TFS 2008 build machine. Even though they both default to the same port (9191), they can share that port without any problems.

If you install the TFS 2010 build service on a clean machine, it will install the .NET 4.0 Framework which includes MSBuild. It will also install the components necessary to support the following:

Althought the build definitions in TFS 2010 only use MSBuild for source code compilation and use Windows Workflow to orchestrate everything else that happens during the build process, you don’t have to recreate all of your existing build definitions.  TFS 2010 includes a special Upgrade build process template that mimics the behavior of TFS 2008 builds by invoking MSBuild on your existing TFSBuild.proj file.

So I have to admit, Microsoft did a great job supporting my existing build scripts.

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Josh Watts said...

Thank you - TFS 2010 Rocks