Monday, November 23, 2009

Is software development too complex?

Today traffic was killing me. So I tried to get the best out of it and started to listen to some podcasts. One very interesting one was a panel discussion on DotNetRocks about “Is software development too complex?”

I was thinking if the question is not the other way around. Aren’t we making software development too complex?

I cannot count the times I have seen a complex SOA architecture where a simple 2 tier application would suffice. Aren’t we all developers who like to try out the latest fun stuff even if it is not appropriate or a real business requirement for the current project? As most IT people have a technical background, we seem to focus mostly on technical details, sometimes forgetting what the customer actually needs.

As I have fallen in this trap before, I’m always careful and thinking twice before I introduce a new tool/technology on my projects. (Speaking about new tools, I’m loving the Spark view engine ;-))

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