Friday, February 9, 2018

TFS Build - Agent 'AgentName' is using a deprecated version '1.105.7'

A colleague mentioned to me he was the following warning on our build server:

Agent 'AgentName' is using a deprecated version '1.105.7'. You will not be able to use this version of agent with the next major version of Team Foundation Server. Migrate to the latest 2.x version of agent. For more information, see

I was suprised to see this as I recently updated all agents. Still I’m stuck with version 1 agents…

It turns out that there are 2 types of agents:

  1. Windows specific agents having number 1.x
  2. cross platform agents having number 2.x

The thing is that the Update All Agents button will only upgrade to a more recent minor version but will not do an upgrade to a new major version.

If you want to upgrade to a new major version of the agent, you’ll have to uninstall the old agent and install the new one yourself.

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