Monday, August 21, 2017

TFS - Maintaining your TFS Build Agents

After some time, your build agents start to eat up more and more disk space on your build server. Before I always cleaned it up manually when I get a warning from our system monitoring tools, but there is actually a better way I wasn’t aware of.

It is possible to schedule a Maintenance Job to clean up the _work folder in the agent:


Remark: As this has an impact on the availability of your pool it is recommended to limit the max percentage of agents running maintenance(25% by default).

Where can you find these setting?

  • Login to your TFS or VSTS portal
  • Open the Administration Section of the portal and go to the Agent Pools section


  • On the Agent Pools page, select a specific pool from the list of available pools


  • On the right choose the Settings tab


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