Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thoughtworks Technology Radar: Angular 2

On regular intervals, the people from ThoughtWorks release a Technology Radar update. Through this radar they share their thoughts on the technology and trends that are coming and going.


On multiple levels(Techniques, Tools, Platforms, Languages & Frameworks) they share if you should adopt, try, assess or move away(hold) from a technology and/or trend.

In the november 2016 update I noticed something interesting in the Languages & Frameworks. Where 2015 was the year of Angular.js, I noticed that no Angular could be found in the Adopt/Trial/Assess section. Instead you could find web frameworks and libraries like Ember.js, React.js and even Aurelia.

AngularJS could be found in the ‘hold’ section:


I’m wondering why they didn’t mention anything about Angular 2…

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