Friday, December 9, 2016

AWS Lambda adds support for C#

Yesterday I blogged about Azure Functions and how the Visual Studio tooling can make your life easier. But the guys at Amazon are not sleeping and I noticed that they added support for C# as well.

Note that the AWS Lambda functions in C# are using the .NET Core 1.0 runtime. Similar to Microsoft, you get full tooling support thanks to the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.

  • Install the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.
  • Open Visual Studio and create a new project. Choose the AWS Lambda Project template and click OK.


  • Next step is to select a Blueprint.
    • We choose the Simple S3 Function blueprint.


  • You get a new project containing the following files
    • aws-lambda-tools-defaults.json: . This file contains default values that the blueprint has set to help prepopulate some of the fields in the deployment wizard.
    • Function.cs: Inside this cs file you can add your own logic.
    • project.json: this is the default project.json for .NET core applications(will be replaced by a csproj file in the near future)


  • The SDK is accompagnied by dotnet CLI integration. Open a command prompt and type dotnet lambda. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to debug locally.


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