Monday, June 27, 2016

VSTS Build–Private Build slots; you only get one for free!

By default when you are using VSTS(aka Visual Studio Online), you get the following extra services as part of your subscription:

Build and Deployment: Use this task-based service to create, queue, and monitor cross-platform builds. Use Hosted Agents that Microsoft runs, or Private Agents that you run so that you can install custom software.

  • Build(XAML)/ Build and Deployment: Create build definitions  and run them in Visual Studio Team Services. Configure builds to run on demand at specific intervals, or for continuous integration (CI). Builds are charged per minute for the actual amount of computing time used to build your project.

  • Cloud-based Load Testing: Create load tests using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013, Visual Studio Enterprise 2015, or later. Run those tests in Visual Studio Team Services. Load tests are measured and billed in virtual user minutes: the number of virtual users multiplied by the number of minutes that you set up for the load test run.

Your Visual Studio Team Services account includes free amounts of these additional services:

  • Build (XAML) / Build and Deployment: combined 240 minutes (4 hours) per month

  • Cloud-based Load Testing: 20,000 virtual user minutes per month

With the new Build and Deployment you get 2 things:

  • One hosted build agent that runs on a build server provided by Microsoft
  • One private build agent that you can install on your own hardware(virtual or physical)

I wasn’t aware of the second thing, so I got into troubles when I tried to add a second private build agent and ended up with some weird errors. Luckily it is easy to buy extra private agents through the Azure Portal. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Click Paid. Select total number of agents. Save your changes

Remark: The hosted XAML build service will be retired by September 2016.

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