Wednesday, June 8, 2016

NDC 2016–How to NOT do MicroServices

I’m currently at NDC Oslo following the Microservices with NServiceBus workshop by Jimmy Bogard. I got a lot of great insights and I’m impressed how NServiceBus helps you handle the complexity of a MicroServices architecture.

During the workshop Jimmy refered to the “Microservices: An application revolution powered by the cloud” article as an example on how to NOT do Microservices. Whoops! I don’t think that’s the way that Microsoft ment this article. Confused smile

Jimmy specifically refers to the way that the monolith application mentioned in the article is split out in multiple “micro”-services.

Breaking the monolith in microservices

As you can see in the image above, the microservices are oriented around technical concerns which is never a good idea when building a service architecture. Instead services should be oriented around business concerns and match your business processes.

He learned the hard way that the approach in the article didn’t work so don’t make the same mistakes.

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