Monday, June 13, 2016

Microsoft Midori: The operating system that would have changed everything

The last months, I spent some time reading up about Midori, a (new) OS created by Microsoft. Midori was incubated as an operating system written entirely in C# that achieved performance comparable with production operating systems, minus the security and reliability problems found in OSes written in C or C++.

Although Midori was abandoned, there are a lot of key lessons they learned along the way.

Joe Duffy, a development manager and language architect on Midori,  shared a series of a blog posts about his work on Midori:

  1. A Tale of Three Safeties
  2. Objects as Secure Capabilities
  3. Asynchronous Everything
  4. Safe Native Code
  5. The Error Model
  6. Performance Culture

More information about the history of Midori can be found here:

Update: Joe Duffy did a session at QCon New York where he explained some of the lessons learned during the project.

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