Friday, March 18, 2016

InfoQ–Why Agile Works mini book

A great read I can recommend for everyone interested in the Agile (r)evolution. It really focusses on the core concepts behind Agile and how to evolve from ‘doing Agile’ to ‘being Agile’. 


From the website:

Why do some companies excel with agile and others see virtually no improvement? The difference is culture and an understanding that agile is a framework for deep cultural change instead of a process or set of practices to increase efficiency.

Processes and methods can become stale and rote, and can stifle innovation—even processes that were initially developed to be agile. An agile culture, however, will continuously improve and adapt without the need for periodic change initiatives.

Why Agile Works: The Values Behind the Results focuses on why and how agile works and where agile should take organizations in terms of values. Here you’ll learn:

  • - Why agile fails most often
  • - How culture determines results
  • - The difference between values and beliefs
  • - A framework for describing agile organizational values 
  • - How to recognize common beliefs that support and undermine an agile organization

If agile is a framework for change, this book is about what this change looks like and how agile beliefs lead you there.

Download the book here:

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