Monday, February 8, 2016

Shrink your environmental footprint: IFIXIT

With a small boy in the house, our pile of broken things kept growing and growing, not only toys but also electronic devices(think remote controls and XBOX controllers Smile) and other household stuff ended on the pile after he tried to use it in a kind of destructive fashion.

Instead of throwing everything away, it was time to dust off my soldering and electronic skills and try to repair some of these things. This was easier said than done as most electronic devices(including toys) seems to not be created with repairability in mind.

Luckily I discoved IFIXIT, an amazing site with lots of great (free!) step-by-step repair manuals. If you want to stop throwing things away and start with shrinking your environmental footprint, this site is a great help.


And if you need some tools to get your repair work going, they sell repair kits, spare parts and tools. I’m a fan!

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